Monday, March 21, 2005

Monday 21st March

Well... its been over an interesting week and a bit! Where do i start, Today i thinks. Lets work backwards... Im back at work this evening because I have told my wife I am going out "salsa" dancing. I used to go with a girl called Karen, who has red hair (not being racist against red heads!) who is a nice friend, not only of mine but of paige's and all her friends too. Karen has her good and bad sides! shes 17 and likes boys/men (more boys i think!) however, whenever i go out with her, i feel i am getting in the way most of the time, and also, i think she uses me a little because I can drive and she cant (ok, shes learning!) The only reason I started going was because her friend stopped going and she had no way of getting there. I did actually really enjoy going, but then my baby came along, and my folks and the mrs folks were very against me going out "enjoying myself" with other people (i think the whole 17 year old girl thing didnt help help)(NOT that i see her in that kind of way at all!). As i was saying, karen likes flirting with boys/men and i often feel i get in the way of that, as i seem to be "baby sitting" her and having to cart her about!

Anyways, tonight, for the first time, I have decided to tell the mrs i have gone to salsa, but im not actually going. I REALLY wanted to see paige tonight, but she has LOTS of course work to get in by this thursday. I REALLY want her to do well, but she has been a little strange since i saw her on friday evening at steel band. I was ment to see her on sunday as i normally do where we go and do voluntary work at a swan sanctuary, except my brother wanted to take me and the mrs on a day out. so, I had to go to that. I felt SOOO bad not going to the sanctuary as i was asked last week if i could help lay a new path for the owner of the place. She is in an exlectric wheelchair and cannot go outside with it as all the paths are cracked and she will probably fall out of it! She asked me especially if i could do it for her, and i said i would love to and that i would do it this sunday just gone for her. But, alas, I probably really annoyed her and upset paige...

I know how much paige wanted to see me this weekind too. I cant say why, but, we really really wanted to see each other!!! Seeing her on a sunday, every sunday, is the best thing possible. to some people sunday is the last day of the week and to some it the start! so in a way, i see it as both! an amazing end to the week, yet also a good start to the week! There LOTS of work to do there. When paige first asked me to go there, i was not sure if i could make it every week or not. I used to have to "pretend"that i was going out on an early morning bike ride with friends and come back just after lunch, but then i made it public that i wanted to do some voluntary work. People still laugh at the fact i do voluntary work, but i tell them why i do it and they realise how much voluntary work means to me!

anyways, just got a text from paige that she is leaving a friends and walking home, which i dont like her doing in the dark, or even durin the day alone.

im off!!!

will update in a few days.


Blogger Felt Pen said...

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8:45 pm

Blogger Felt Pen said...

so... are you still together? cos this was written months ago?

8:46 pm

Blogger The Young Man said...

we most certainly are... (thats paige and i) My love for her grows stronger everyday. Things have been hard, very hard for her over this past week and it has brought us a lot closer together, closer than i never imagined she would allow me to come.

8:30 am

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